Temporary Suspension of the New Life SDA Church Services

Dear New Life SDA Church Family:

It is with deep regret that we inform you that in the quest to contain the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the state of New York has mandated that church services be suspended until resumed.

It is said that we are only as great as the number of doors we open. The suspension of our church services is challenging and has slammed a door in our faces. But through the grace of God alone, this door will open again.

In times like these it is comforting to know that “God is our refuge and our strength and a very present help in time of trouble” and that He “will be with us always; even unto the end of the world.”

We are leaving no stone unturned or count any project too expensive until we are satisfied that during this extended period of the lockdown, our church will continue being a safe place to tell our story and listen to God’s story. 

We are grateful for the giant steps the Sabbath School council have taken to conduct the Sabbath School via teleconference call-in from 9:20 AM – 11:00 AM EDT Sabbath morning. This will be conducted through five simultaneous groups on their respective teleconference lines. The teachers have the details of the teleconference lines and know who is in the groups. They will contact as many of their class members as they can, sharing the details of the teleconference with them. Notwithstanding, anyone from our church family who read this communique is encouraged to reach out to any who may not have read it (members, visitors, and supporters of our church) to join us. Here is the list of the lines that will be open, on to any of which we can tap into:

  • 1-425-436-6356 (code: 224476 #)
  • 1-425-436-6310 (code: 336212 #)
  • 1-425-436-6367 (code: 608015 #)
  • 1-425-436-6342 (code:402869 #)
  • 1-866-259-5440 (code: 9975-8905 #) – Young adults

The divine worship hour will begin at 11:30 Sabbath morning and we will be streaming the sermon, “And Manoah Followed after His Wife,” on our YouTube channel: New Life SDA Church. We will continue celebrating women during the month of March. 

But there remains one area of concern that the suspension has hanging over our heads as the Sword of Damocles. We are yet to put in place a system for on-line giving. Notwithstanding, our treasury department has opened another door equally effective, through which we will walk during the time of this extended stay. We are introducing the Quick Pay with Zelle, the process how it works will be sent out in another communique. We will set up a P.O. Box number to which our members, who are not comfortable with the Quick Pay by Zelle, would be able to send their contributions by mail. We are asking those that operate on cash basis to hold unto it until we resume services. 

May we “never forget that we are placed on trial in this world, to determine our fitness for the future life. None can enter heaven whose characters are defiled by the foul blot of selfishness. Therefore, God tests us here, by committing to us temporal possessions (time, talent, treasures, and health) that our use of these may show whether we can be entrusted with eternal riches.”

As the COVID-19 virus cast dark clouds of gloom and doom all around us, we are reminded that “we have no reason to fear for the future, except we forget how marvelously God has led us in the past.” As the poet T. S. Eliot wrote, the only way God can show us that He is in control is to put us in situations that we can’t control. Like it was said of Joseph, it could be that this virus that was meant for evil, God will turn it around for good. This could be a golden opportunity for fathers to be the priests they ought to in their homes.

Until we meet on-line on Sabbath, Remember, the work continues, our cause endure, the dream still lives and the Blessed Hope of the soon return of our Redeemer must never die.

Yours sincerely for the New Life SDA church, I remain:


Dr. Anthony L. Usher
Senior Pastor, New Life SDA Church