Service times each Sabbath:

9:15 AM 


11:00 AM 


5:00 PM 

What can I expect on my first visit?

Upon arriving at New Life, you’ll be greeted at the door. We will invite you into our sanctuary, where we host our divine worship service which starts at 11:30am. Our service includes singing, praying, worshiping the Lord with our tithes and gifts, and the spoken Word of God.

What is a Sabbath Service Like?

Each service held during the Sabbath has a different focus. The Sabbath School program allows us to meet in small group classes to discuss the weekly lessons which are studied within every Adventist church. Click here to learn more about this quarter’s lesson. 

Our Divine Worship Service allows us to share our praises to God and worship in multiple aspects, through singing, prayer and the preaching of God.

The evening Adventist Youth program is to support personal and spiritual growth through youth ministry programs and events by building community relationships, youths in action initiatives, and fostered health and camaraderie.