Currently, a large percent of the programs are virtual

Contact Person

Samantha Munroe

Weekly Schedule Programs
AY – Saturday 5 pm
Devotion and Check-in – Friday 8 pm

Women’s Ministries

Welcome to the New life Youth Department. Like most youth programs of the Adventist Church, the overarching goal of the Adventist Youth Department (AY) is to support personal and spiritual growth through youth ministry programs and events by building community relationships, youths in action initiatives, and fostered health and camaraderie.

Personal development is encouraged by intentional programming, partnering, and safe spaces for new and developing talents. The youth arm of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is valued not just as the future but is significant in current community initiatives. The Youth Department works closely with the Singles Department to develop resources and programming to address existing social issues while collaborating with other departments to support and mentor young people. Also, the department executive team continually collaborates with other youth leaders and departments to find appropriate ways to encourage and train youths.

Our Yearly Programs

Activities take a variety of forms, including: